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Letter from Home Room Teacher to parent

The concept of home room teacher is greatly appreciated. The work of HRT is increasing day by day. Here is a sample letter to parent mentioning about the happenings in class.

Marvellous world of books in Mumbai

This article provide details of types of books available for reading. More talking about the genres of these books good for reading purpose. So keep your interest intact and read more about books here.

Assembly Instructions well before the day

This article gives general idea of instructions well before any school assembly. Please be sure to read these instructions carefully so you/team know the procedure for the final assembly.

OIS Fest 2015

OIS fest is again back in Goregaon east. It is initiative from Oberoi International School, Mumbai. When: Saturday, Feb 28th. Where: Recycle Bay, OIS fest.

Answering the academic questions on leave

This article gives out the another phase of answers to the asked questions. This articles also suggests how roughly the answers were given. This article suddenly says about the various policies withing the institution.

Letter for asking materials back

Please return the resources in their boxes/containers/tubs/bags. As the plastic Ziploc bags are unavailable at the moment, please ensure all loose pieces are returned in plastic trays, a separate one for each type eg. pattern blocks in one, tan-grams in another.

Examination, Not Murder

This article is for anyone hyped up about the upcoming exams. It will soothe you, and at the same time instigate you to work harder than ever before. It was not written by a third person- but a person who has gone through the same problems and come through it alive. Exams have been stereotyped as scary- they're not! Learn from them, mold yourself into the perfect students. Best of luck!!

Good Vocational Educational Institutes in Mumbai

People and students who are not able to go in for higher studies can opt for a vocational course held by various vocational institutions in Mumbai.The city has a great advantage of having many vocational educational institutions which can encourage some students to make a good living without paying a high fees in comparison to professional institutes in Mumbai which cater to the high class of the population in Mumbai.

A compiled list of educational news in Mumbai

This gives out the recent and all educational news headlines from Mumbai educational scenario. All happening in short could be seen through this article. We can see admission, results, passing, ssc, hsc,cbse, icse results news as well admission news in Mumbai. Also can be seen the updates.


This article speaks about the classroom setup for all the educators who are interested to be a top educator of any class. May it be Primer, Primary or Secondary or it may be a higher end of learner. By following all the below points there will be an excellent environment develops for learning.

What is the format of new credits grading system in Mumbai Colleges

How many credits are needed to graduate from a Mumbai College? What is the minimum marks required to pass in Mumbai colleges as per the new credit grading system? This article answers these queries by giving complete information on the structure of the new credits and semester system of the University of Mumbai, including details on how evaluations take place.

Film Institutes in Mumbai

Film institutes in Mumbai; career in Bollywood films; acting schools in Mumbai; List of Film Institutes in Mumbai and many more information on the movie schools in Mumbai.

New and latest release of Bollywood films in May 2013

This article gives brief idea of latest Bollywood releases in May 2013 in Mumbai. Bollywood is facing a real elevation in earning from past two years so the importance of these films becomes more vital. Let us have a look what will these Hindi Movies will say in May 2013.

Cocktail movie review and story

Here is the review of latest bollywood movie cocktail. Get in here to read the story, cast and crew and Music review of Hindi Movie Cocktail.

Educational Politics by Institutes in Mumbai

Institutes in Mumbai which provide educational services themselves hamper the very purpose of their existence,which is to provide education and not gossip and idle talk which leads students in a doldrums and provides mental fatigue and disorientation to both the students as well as the honest staff who mind their own business in their workplace. The Educational system has degraded itself with the unnecessary politics which goes on in any educational institution today,be it schools or colleges.

Bol Bachchan movie review and story

Here is the review on the latest bollywood flick by rohit shetty, Bol Bachchan. The story and plot of the movie have been provided along with the cast and crew of Bol Bachchan. The critic reviews have also been included with the article. Bol Bachchan has grossed a good fortune at the box office since its opening and its earning stats are still on a high.

Ek tha tiger review with cast, crew and story

Ek tha tiger has been one of the most awaited movies of the year and with not many grossers except rowdy rathore, ek tha tiger has the most chances of being crowned the year’s top movie. The starcast of ek tha tiger, the crew of ek tha tiger and the plot or story of the movie has also been provided along with the release date of the movie.

Narrow Sightedness of Educational Institutions in Mumbai

Educational Institutes in Mumbai have a short scope for a students development since the institutions are mainly concerned with theoretical knowledge and concepts that are beneficial only in a particular field of the work that the student is about tot undertake during his work life after his education. The discipline meant to be inculcated by educational institutions to its students are not binding on the students and are for a short term basis only.

Maharashtra HSC exam timetable and schedule for 2012

What are the dates of the 2012 HSC exams Maharashtra? What is the schedule of the 2012 HSC MCVC exam? This article answers these queries and gives information on the tentative scheduled dates of the 2012 HSC board exams.

NITIE engineering admissions for 2012-2014 batch

This article gives complete information on the NITIE Mumbai engineering programs for the 2012-2014 batch and complete details about the eligibility criteria, selection process and how to apply for admissions for the 2012-2014 NITIE batch.

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