Others and Miscellaneous Topics

Others and Miscellaneous Topics

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The Lyrics To This One Song Everyone Loves

Greeting, every blogger, this is most likely the last time I will meet you, so I decided, why not end (probably end) the Age Of The Bloggers with some happy song lyrics?

Industrial Pollution is the hazzardous

Water is one of the most important resources without which no life would have been possible on earth. Water is needed everywhere, in every industry! Industrial pollution of water occurs when any foreign substances enter the water body, specifically from industries, and make changes in the environment.

List of Fun places for kids in and around Mumbai

Mumbai has many recreation and weekend getaway places to go. As summer vacations are fast approaching, kids start lots of preparation for fun places to go. This article gives information regarding some of the fun places to visit.

How to shoot your site ranking in search engine through back link ?

This article seeks to enlighten the people on how to increase the ranking of blogs using blog comments. This can be done using backlinks which include blog comments on blogs relating in niche with your blog. You can put back links in a number of locations. You can use them in signatures in forums, you can pay for them e.t.c. but today, we are talking about putting them in blogs.

Failure makes rich and wise

This is one of the article which shows the happenings in life in letter format. The person writing has tried his level best to launch the new business and failed all the time. Still looking for the best.

Sample letters from money making sites

This article gives out some idea about how money making sites are calling people to watch their videos on internet. Which again leads to take membership to earn money. Example is = What's more, this morning the WIN support staff discovered that, since the portal didn't automatically close at midnight, it didn't close at all!

Urgent openings for HR in location


About specialist Health Insurance Company, Max Bupa

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on terms and conditions, exclusions and waiting period, please read sales brochure of Heartbeat Health Insurance Policy carefully before concluding a sale.

Kratos' Heir- Part 1

Greetings, readers. I'm back here to talk about another great thing that jolted me in grade 5. I immediately hunted all books that had any evidence of it, and read my heart out- Greek mythology.

Music: The World Of Thrill

Musis always thrills everyone. Without music no one live smoothly. Music creates a real taste for living good life. This article would provide the jest of music in human life.

How to cheer up a sad friend ?

The article gives an idea and trick to sooth your friends when they are in sad condition. It will show you some quick tips to make them happy. Keep reading till end of the article.

Movie Review on 50/50

The new movie '50/50' staring Anna Kendrick and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a powerful movie that gets you thinking about life as the main character gets through the challenges of being diagnosed with a rare and serious case of spinal cancer.

To be or not to be..that is the question

It is the year 2012 now, very modern very energetic, filled with prophecies of Armageddon, end of world and the whole human race as we know it. Over the years we have progressed ourselves from orthodox beliefs and indulged in modern thoughts and outlooks for the betterment of society and for upbringing one's self persona. Gone are the days when women were confined to the four walls of their houses and succumbed to all tortures in silence. Now they fight back and are at equal par with any men and we have ach

Mumbai Rains – A blessing turned bane – Why?

Once upon a time, we used to love and enjoy the rains and were always glad when the monsoon season began. For most people, this is the time of childhood; school going days; the fun times of our life. Now as we have grown up, little do we find people loving the same rains. Complaints of getting wet, stuck, etc. are on the rise; no one speaks about how lovely the rains are. Is this because the rains have turned bad, or our attitude turned coats?

One to admire the most

The moment a child is born, parents start their speculations on who he/she will be when grown up and all the assumptions relate to real life personalities. Like if it's a beautiful girl, probably the next Aishwarya Rai and if a boy then some successful sport personality like Sachin Tendulkar or the entrepreneur, the next Ambani. They have their incredible stories of how they fought situations and reached their life now is. Who is "the ultimate influencer" in our lives?

How to maintain a good health daily ?

Many many people in this world live unhealthy life. They try to lose their weights but can not. some try to gain weight but they can not due to many reasons. This article gives little more idea to live healthy life instead of paying attention on losing or gaining weights.

How to keep courtship alive

Marriage is a union of a man and a woman who comes together for the purpose of living together and co-exist together in love. This resource seeks to examine the ways to keep a relationship alive and the ultimate for marriage.

Hapus mango The King of Fruits arrived in Mumbai in Monsoon 2013

This article gives insight to the well known fruit of India - Hapus Mango. It arrives and starts visible in market during monsoon. Some where people celebrate mango holidays too. Hapus is well known as King of Mangoes and King of fruits. Here you will read various types and prices of Hapus Mangoes in Mumbai. Be aware of fake Hapus mangoes.

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