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A Star Inside Us All but Unrecognized

Each one of Us,be it living in Mumbai or some other city across the country of India,always look for recognition and fame in each of their respective job roles in their individual lives. On the other Hand,there are few who actually innovate and improvise and become and become a true innovator having signature traits in his approach in terms of His Work and Personal Life.

Porn-less or Point-less? Banning porn - people take it by the horns

The whole public has gone haywire after the recent ban on porn, when people in India were not able to access porn sites as they were totally blank due to the ban. How many know the reason behind the ban, cause of it and what repercussions would it have on the general people? Every important decision must be taken with utmost care and a logical deduction of what would lead to what and whether it would have a positive result. I wonder whether there was anyone who gave any thought behind putting a ban blindly

Stray Animal Life in Mumbai - Amidst the Hustle and Bustle of the City

Just like there are a swarm of bees,flies and other insects,no one can fail to spot stray life such as Dogs and Cats in the vicinity of the streets of Mumbai.Even though there are stray animal shelters in the city of Mumbai,it seems to be clear that strays seem to outdo the work of the animal shelter officials.

Local Food and Dine at Every Corner of Mumbai

Mumbai holds a Population of millions of people of diverse Culture and Backgrounds.In order to lower the inconvenience between tastes and preferences with regard to food dishes,restaurants in Mumbai are spread out to every nook and corner of the City.The added advantage is that people from other Cities can still refresh their taste buds with regard to their favorite native food in their respective Hometown.

The Lyrics To This One Song Everyone Loves

Greeting, every blogger, this is most likely the last time I will meet you, so I decided, why not end (probably end) the Age Of The Bloggers with some happy song lyrics?

Industrial Pollution is the hazzardous

Water is one of the most important resources without which no life would have been possible on earth. Water is needed everywhere, in every industry! Industrial pollution of water occurs when any foreign substances enter the water body, specifically from industries, and make changes in the environment.

List of Fun places for kids in and around Mumbai

Mumbai has many recreation and weekend getaway places to go. As summer vacations are fast approaching, kids start lots of preparation for fun places to go. This article gives information regarding some of the fun places to visit.

How to Purchase and Sell Books

My last post was concerning the genre, thrill and validation of why books are so important. But how will you get engrossed in a book if you don't know what you're reading? Yes, I can feel some of you relating to that sentence. This post is all about how to select the right book and which book is plagiarized, and so on and so forth.

How to shoot your site ranking in search engine through back link ?

This article seeks to enlighten the people on how to increase the ranking of blogs using blog comments. This can be done using backlinks which include blog comments on blogs relating in niche with your blog. You can put back links in a number of locations. You can use them in signatures in forums, you can pay for them e.t.c. but today, we are talking about putting them in blogs.

Do's and Don'ts of National Stock Exchange of India Limited

NSE of India has given some specific guidelines for the interested people who want to come in directly or indirectly to trading. This article gives out general guidelines for the same. It is in the form of Do's and Don'ts.

Global Vipassana Pagoda, Mahabodi Tree, Borivali

Global vipassana pagoda near Mumbai suburb well known as Pagoda is organizing regular courses for sadhaks. The mabodhi tree is grown up in the premises of pagoda and everyone who like to do mediation under the vicinity of mahabodhi tree are invited. Please call confirm and join.

Failure makes rich and wise

This is one of the article which shows the happenings in life in letter format. The person writing has tried his level best to launch the new business and failed all the time. Still looking for the best.

Kratos' Heir- Part 2

This is just a short little piece that I will continue. The idea sprung from my head from playing video games, and then I started to explore and broaden my canvas. Did the main character's daughter really die? I splattered colour all over my mind, scribbled, erased and perfected. Now, it's time to step back and admire the work. Enjoy!

Sample letters from money making sites

This article gives out some idea about how money making sites are calling people to watch their videos on internet. Which again leads to take membership to earn money. Example is = What's more, this morning the WIN support staff discovered that, since the portal didn't automatically close at midnight, it didn't close at all!

About specialist Health Insurance Company, Max Bupa

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on terms and conditions, exclusions and waiting period, please read sales brochure of Heartbeat Health Insurance Policy carefully before concluding a sale.

Formal letter to call meeting with agenda

Agenda will be along the lines of the survey I sent out which I should have all back by then (planning, homework, assessment and staff development) and also the new timetable and its likely effects.

Kratos' Heir- Part 1

Greetings, readers. I'm back here to talk about another great thing that jolted me in grade 5. I immediately hunted all books that had any evidence of it, and read my heart out- Greek mythology.

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