Books: From Dismal History Pages to Magical Transporters

Reading books are always pleasurable. This article provides a good set of information and evaluation of the books. a personal view and opinion.

People all around the world love it. Hate it. Label it as nerdy. Like me, say they were born to enchant the ears and silence the tongue. Do you feel something in you stir as you read the second and third sentence? Well, then, I have a few facts about reading that are quite true, according to repeated testing, to PROVE YOU WRONG.

1. Reading prevents Alzheimer's.
2. Reading increases brain power and memory in the long run.
3. Being a reader means that you are more likely to learn something new everyday.
4. People who read are more likely to be cultural, exercise more and are more likely to vote.
5. Reading can be therapeutic, in some cases.
6. Reading enhances your memory.
7. People assume you to have a vast amount of knowledge about life and other subjects.
8. Reading helps boost your analytical thinking.
9. Reading expands your vocabulary on a large scale.
10. Fiction books increase your abilities of empathy.
11. People who read are able to move ahead in life and in careers faster than others.

So, maybe, reading isn't that bad. Pick up a book once in a while and see yourself drifting somewhere else in life, and in thought.

Not reading because of that crazily hectic, work-enforcing schedule? Don't have the time or energy to read? Much more interested in the wonders of the internet? Well, forget all of that. Say hello to the generation of books online.

Books to read physically might seem like a task to some, so there are some popular websites that are compatible with desktops, iPads, laptops and other electronic devices. Wattpad, Flipkart and iBooks are some globally idolised websites and applications from where you can purchase books online and they make a delivery to your home through the mail system. Or, better still, you can purchase a colossal range of free downloadable books or download them free of cost. Magazines and newspapers are also included in this evolutionary technology.

Interested in penning a great novel, but don't have materials to? Don't worry, here's where Book Creator comes to life.

It's a free application in which you can create pages and write, scribble or say things into the book. You can also insert images, short audio clips, short video clips or short audio/video clips. I've created quite a lot of booklets at home on my iPad- say, around 15. It's that simple- the touch of your fingers.

When someone says the word 'book', I get that pang of recognition. I, as a child, was a voracious reader, who would stop at nothing but to devour the letters on the pages. I have carried these childhood habits to my tween years and I'm proud to say that I LOVE BOOKS. They transport you to a different world, but with people just like you. Then, the steep-cutting plot sways as the story progresses. The quirky characters slash at the story. The themes bring about a well of emotions and relations to daily life. The intricate settings create a swirl of mystery and shadows. In all, that is what makes it so great to read a piece of text. Be it a magazine, newspaper, sticky-note, novel, documentary, play, or official data- the ultimate question that most critiques ask themselves, are you enjoying what you read? Pick up the book in the corner, brush off the dust and open to the first page. It might be something that you never imagined it would be.


Author: adesola adeyeye02 Apr 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

This is a very good one that no one can ignore. It is very advicable for everyone to read books always because readers are leaders. A reader will be very informed that a lazy person that refuses to read.

Author: Angelina02 Apr 2014 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

Thank you, Adesola Adeyeye!

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