Global Vipassana Pagoda in Mumbai Suburb

This article gives an overview of one of the most sought after meditation techniques by Gautama The Buddha. Vipassana has been one of the most authentic and right way to achieve the ultimate goal of life. Buddha has given a gift to mankind. This article gives little more information which is built in the heart of Mumbai.

Remember those days when in India the only goal for mankind was to achieve the salvation. But now the goal of life is changed to get more and more money and earn quick bucks with so many means to accumulate property and wealth.

What is the real aim of life? Who knows ? Who is the whole of soul of life?
All questions always tickles our mind but we never think out of box. Everything is nearby, everything is within the man. All saints said that look within silently and you will see the whole universe, you will the God. But who care to see within. We are just looking outside world to complain and blame others.

In this situation Gautama The Buddha came and found the real meaning of natural life. He found that all problems of life is just knowing our self. He tried all kinds of meditation but no one lead him to salvation except his own findings. He concentrated his breathing and slowly he found the path of Nirvana and Salvation. He came back to practical life the distributed his techniques of Vipassana to all possible people. And the results were outstanding. Every one who tried and did sincerely became "Arahanta" and many got to reach the situation of "Nirvana".

How this happened? Why thousands of people believe in him and his teachings of vipassana is not because of blind faith but only on self-experience of knowing oneself.

2500 years ago this vipassana lost from India because of many reasons. Dhamma that is Dharma vanishing. Slowly it got vanished due to non practice of people. But at Burma, at one place it was alive. The person who were preaching and practicing was Ven Ledi Sayadaw.

Slowly it passed on to Saya Thetgyi then Sayagyi U Ba Khin. Finally Sayagyi U Ba Khin found a person who became the bridge between this vipassana, Burma and India and that is S.N. Goenka. U Ba Khin had dread to give back to vipassana to India and S.N. Goenka played a vital role to do that.

Today in the heart of Mumbai suburb Global Vipassana Pagoda stood with a difference. Here the relics of Gautama Buddha is preserved in a huge dome for the benefits of people of India and world. Whenever you get the chance to visit the Essel World just have a free look inside this dome and surroundings. You will never miss the second visit to this place. And if you are so eager to meet yourself by looking inside just join the 10 Days Vipassana Course and your will never regret.

With all METTA. Be all happy.



Guest Author: Mariana24 Aug 2013

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