It is never too late to begin

Life is too easy when we are a kid, dependant on parents. We just have to do our studies, engage in some extracurricular activities and try to be good at things that interest us. Even this seemed not easy, believe me. There was constant pressure for excellence, homework to be done, classes to be attended. But, after I started working, I realized it is not easy to make money and most youngsters don't even value money. It is time to think about it and start saving right at an early age to live a good and secu

I have noticed some of my friends who started work at an early age by joining some BPO. I used to feel great about it, that they are earning at such an early age, and it's good to start saving money from the beginning. It was later when I realized that though they started earning earlier, they started spending money and not just some but the whole of it!!! The main reason youngsters start working at an early age these days is to buy their favorite mobile phone.

Three months at a BPO and the whole salary gets spent in buying a brand new phone. Still I didn't think it is something to complain about. They earned on their own, and spent for their own needs. That is what money is for, right? Getting a brand new phone and being updated on technology and gadgets is a must for guys. Same is applicable to girls, but I have found them spending more money on new clothes, new shoes and everything that could pamper them rather than on gadgets. After starting to earn, we no longer need to ask money from our parents, which is a good thing for sure. This leads us to spend money anyway we want. No one is going to ask you why you have spend so much money on anything, as it is your money and you have full right to do anything with it as you like. This is where we get into trouble. As no one is going to ask you why you spent so much, and as you have a right to do as you like with your money, you have no control on what and how you spend the money. Very soon you find yourself with a zero balance in account and waiting for the salary eagerly for next month. Believe me; this happens to a lot of youngsters, as keeping a control in spending money is easier said than done.

Now, whenever the topic of saving money arose with my friends, who spend a lot, there most basic argument is: "This is the time to spend money, as the rest of our life, after we get married, we will only be saving money as we would have a lot of responsibilities. At that time we won't be able to do this. So, let's do it while we can." Which is true, one would not be able to spend their whole salary on a shopping spree or a brand new cell phone. Does that mean we should spend fully now and enjoy while we can? I think the better option is to reach a compromise between the two: spend but save first. One will fall into many problems if he keeps spending money on whatever he likes to enjoy life while he can when there aren't many responsibilities. This would become a constant habit and when the time would come to save money, it will fall hard on such a person to cope up and he would hate his new life always. If nearly a month's salary is spent on such things, when there would arise a need for money on some serious issues, you will be left with none. While on the other hand if one starts to save a certain amount every month from his or her savings, over a period of time you will be left with a good amount, when you mature and grow, which can be used for many things from marriage to buying a vehicle, etc. Small savings can give you big happiness over a period of time. This will help you to have a secure life ahead and be a person with fewer troubles about your finances. Trust me; it is totally brain cracking to be worried when you reach a level where there are lots of responsibilities while you are not used to it. A sense of discipline will help you learn how to control your expenses. This will help you immensely in future. Starting a small RD account or PPF are some options to saving money. Even if you don't want to start such accounts, try to save a certain amount of your salary every month. One could buy a gold coin in every one/two months, which is also a great investment. I personally don't have much knowledge on investments, but I surely can say that saving is something every person must start indulging in as soon as possible.

Now-a-days value of money is changing rapidly and going down constantly. There was a time when we could buy things with 50 paise, but now hardly you can find things that come for such an amount. Everything is getting priced higher from day-to-day groceries to property rates. All this leads us to start thinking about money only. How to earn more, how to get money? Well, rather than following the wrong ways to earn money, start saving from a younger age and you will have a good amount when you need it. So, even if you are a person who belongs to the category of "consuming whole salary and spending rashly" there is still time to change and start saving. This is my message to all youngsters around, start thinking of the life you want and prepare it from the beginning. Even if you don't know what you want to be in future, you do know you would need money for everything to survive.

So guys, let us start saving, be a bit more responsible from young age, learn to control ourselves and start building the blocks for a good and secure life from now itself, as it is never too late to begin!


Author: Arvind Kuril04 Jul 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

It's very well said Minu.

Author: Minu Sali04 Jul 2013 Member Level: Silver   Points : 0

Thanks a lot Arvind Kuril

Author: adesola adeyeye17 Oct 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

It is very ideal to the children to be taught the importance of money and how to spend it judiciously. Parents should teach their children how to generate money even in their absence and make financial giant in life and especially for the future.

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