History of Mumbai BMC Election results

In this article you can find the history of the Mumbai BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) Elections. The BMC elections are scheduled on 16th February 2012. An analysis of the political parties like Congress, NCP,Shiv Sena and MNS for these elections.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation BMC 2012 elections are scheduled on 16th February, 2012. All the political parties are in full swing campaigning for their respective candidates and the environment in Mumbai is electric with rallies from various parties and campaigns.

This article highlights the historical analysis of the BMC elections and gives an insight into the performance of the various political parties in the 2002 BMC polls and 2007 BMC polls. An analysis of the current party positions and their hopes in this elections are described following the historical data.

BMC election results 2007

Shiv Sena - BJP alliance won the BMC elections 2007 with a marginal majority. Thus SS-BJP 'yuti'as it is called in Maharashtra, completed a hat-trick in the BMC polls. Here are the results of the BMC 2007 election.

Voter Turnout: 46%
Total Seats - 227
Number of seats won
1. Shiv Sena - 82
2. Congress - 76
3. BJP - 28
4. NCP - 14
5. MNS - 7

In power - Shiv Sena - BJP alliance

BMC election results 2002

Shiv Sena - BJP alliance won the BMC elections 2002 with a staggering majority. It was a clean sweep by the alliance with Shiv Sena falling short of completing the century with only 3 seats. Here are the results of the BMC 2002 elections.

Voter Turnout: 42%
Total Seats - 227
Number of seats won
1. Shiv Sena - 97
2. Congress - 61
3. BJP - 35
4. NCP - 12

In power - Shiv Sena - BJP alliance

Analysis of the political parties for BMC 2012 elections

The extensive campaigning for the 2012 BMC elections has stressed on the development of Mumbai and suburban Mumbai areas. The prospects of all the political parties are clear and every party wants to win. We can find analysis of all the parties as follows

Shiv Sena

With Balasaheb Thackrey ageing, Shiv Sena hopes lie entirely on the hands of Uddhav Thackrey, his son. With losses in almost all the elections including the state assembly elections, Lok Sabha polls and other by-elections, Uddhav's only chance of redemption are the BMC polls. If he faces a loss in these elections, Shiv Sena will start falling everywhere in Maharashtra and seriously lose its credibility. One of the reasons of the big losses of Shiv Sena is the rise of MNS. These elections are crucial for the future of both these parties.


Indian National Congress will have the best chance of winning the BMC polls after almost 16 years. The reason is the rise of MNS and weakening of BJP. Although Congress hasn't performed miserably in the BMC elections so far, it just couldn't match up to the performance of Shiv Sena in the last three elections in 1997, 2002 and 2007.


Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) will face a tough time since its alliance Shiv Sena is weakening because of MNS. This directly affects the performance of the BJP. Also, the rumours of BJP taking sides with MNS aren't helping the cause. It is causing a conflict of interests in the minds of the party workers as a whole.


Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) has risen considerably in the last 6 years since its inception in 2006. Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief Raj Thackrey has developed an image of change and it works considerably with the youth. The frustration of the Mumbai people might help MNS gain a lot of ground in this election. It is expected that MNS might even overtake BJP and become third single largest party in the BMC elections. It will make the future of MNS very strong for further elections.


Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) has never performed well in the BMC elections. Their performance is expected to be fairly same up to around 15 seats. The demand for 100 seats was almost like a fairy tale demand by the NCP from the Congress.

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