Interview Of Sachin Tendulkar And Top 10 Batsmen Runs in ICC world cup 2011

In this article you will learn what was going on in Sachin mind during world cup and important tips given by Sachin for new comers, also have the knowledge of top 10 batsmen of world cup 2011

Interview Of Sachin Tendulkar And Top 10 Batsmen Runs in ICC world cup 2011

Small interview of Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin tendulkar Interview was taken in Marathi , given below is translated in English.
Sachin's all answer was in Marathi which has been also translated in English –

Q) Sachin did you have in your mind, our team will win the cup? (in Marathi) s

Ans : We always play to win. I had lot of hopes in my heart and mind to win this world cup. I knew 1 thing if any one of our Batsman stays in the crease for 60 to 90 minutes that's enough to win the match. Our captain had put lot of efforts in selecting the team. I have no idea how many times we had meeting upon meeting to select the team. Our Captain made our team in such manner that we needed one out of 6 best batsmen to hold there wicket, which was enough to achieve the score what we needed. We got such batsmen which can do wonders if they don't loose wicket.

Q) Did you ever had in your mind of making Maximum Runs in World Cup 2011 ?

Answer: "Yes from the 1st match of world cup I had in my mind to score maximum but in Semi Final and in Final match I had to concentrate of not loosing wicket by hitting and scoring".
"Its not only me but each and every player has put all there past experience in this match" I had targeted to score Run Figure of 600 but its not that easy to do as it looks.

Q) Sachin we came to know that you want to build gymnasium and you have applied application for permission in BMC, Can you give details?

Answer: Yes off course I would like to share this with you. Its not now , actually 2 years ago I had planned to have some exercise device to keep myself fit. But later on I was said that I had to take permission. Now it is very important because I have to keep myself fit if I'll be playing next world cup 2015. Reason I want to build gym because I have observed that I get lazy to go out when I'm with my family. Whole idea is to keep myself fit for next 5yrs and do exercise. Recently I had word with minister and they have said that they will allow me to build my gymnasium legally.

Q) Sachin whats your future plan?

Answer : I have already answered in your last question, till I'm fit I will continue playing , unless our team feels to replace me with new comer . But for now I have to give instant focus on IPL matches and give my best to IPL match also.

Q) Sachin do you have any good Tips for new comers in cricket team?
Sachin tendulkar tips for new comers
Answer- "Yes I do have lot of tips but due to lack of time I can't tell you much".Cricket is not just holding bat and hitting or doing balling. If you keep yourself in my place with 20 years experience you will realize what is the art of batting? And what is the art of balling? My only short tip for new comers is to do lot of practice in each field of cricket. After 2 years of playing cricket you will come to know in which field you are good. Sometimes player thinks that they are good in batting but later same person does wonders in balling. So you have to practice a lot to reach 1 level.
This I'm saying especially for new comers- New comer first has to practice of holding bat in right position. I have recently few months ago seen batsmen in Ranji trophy holding bat with wrong position. First you have to master the 1st step of holding bat with strong base of your leg movements, then proceed toward the 2nd step. New comers have to maintain the position of holding bat from 1st ball to last ball. Mostly player in starting do play well but later they loose the track and that's where wicket falls. Batsman or baller doesn't come to know where the mistakes are done but your trainer or coach is the right person to find out the mistakes. So do practice as your coach says. Now days we have got more facility of video recording which we had introduced which can help our batsman and ballers to see where we ddo mistakes and improve it. Unless we don't practice our body doesn't get tuned to new adjustment.

Top Best 10 Batsmen Runs in ICC world cup 2011

1) TM Dilshan ( Srilanka) Run - 467
2) SR Tendulkar(India) Run - 464
3) IJL Trott (England) Run - 422
4) KC Sangakara(Srilanka) Run - 417
5) WU Tharanga (Srilanka) Run - 393
6) V Sehwag (India) Run - 380
7) AB De Villier(South Africa)Run - 353
8) Yuvraj Singh( India ) Run - 341
9) AJ Strauss (England) Run - 334
10) BJ Haddin (Australia) Run - 332

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