Unique Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

This article will provide you with five days celebration of Valentine's day, the reasons and benefits you get out of it and gift ideas for your valentine on those five days.

Unique Way to Celebrate Valentine's Day

This article of mine is related to those people who have achieved lot of things in life by celebrating valentine's day. As time has passed, it has experienced some positiveness and negativeness of valentine day. Well nowadays there are many boys and girls who celebrate Valentines day with different Rose Flowerspartners. Teen boys divide there evening into three, four parts and have little time with different girls. On other hand girls does same with different boys on valentine day. It seems like whole valentine day is divided into three, four parts like school period. Now days it has been observed, there is no commitment from boy towards girl and girls also don’t do any sort of commitment toward boys. They just take valentine's day as an entertainment of one day. But there are few people all around the world who really respect this day religiously and they do celebrate this day as a festival.

In India there are still 60% of the populations who are staying in rural areas and small villages are not aware of valentine day. While people who are aware of valentine day they can’t celebrate it properly. There are many negative things which have risen in last few years. Some people don’t appreciate this western culture forming in India while there are many young people who support the western culture. Well in this article we are not going to discuss the positive or negative rays of valentine day. I’m going to explain you how to celebrate this valentine day very differently and uniquely.

Until now you must have heard of people celebrating valentine day for one day. Of course you yourself must have given couple of greeting cards to your girl friend or must have given something special to your girl friends. But that relation must have not lasted and you had a new girl friend for next valentine day. But that was the past. But try to celebrate valentine day as written in this article then you will experience something which I will tell you in end of this article.

If you don’t have problem of spending money, then be prepared to spend the money. Because you are going to celebrate this valentine day in very different and very unique way. Mostly people do celebrate valentine day for one day as you use to do in past. But this valentine you are going to celebrate for the whole week. Yes five days with one and only one partner. But before you proceed further you really have to put efforts to choose your partner where your and your partner chemistry is suitable to each other. Its same way like director & producer choose one hero and one actress actress in one film. Now of course this article is for those people who can really effort to spend good amount of money on something meaningful.

First thing I would provide you with the list of gifts what you can give everyday from 14 Feb to 19th Feb.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

Ladies can choose five gifts to give to there partner for 5 days. The valentine's Day Gifts for Him are as follows:
walletpenzippo lighterchain

  1. Designer sunglasses.Valentine Sunglass
  2. Designer wrist watch.
  3. Designer gent’s wallet.
  4. Expensive pen like cross gold, Gucci, Mont Blanc.
  5. If your partner smokes you can give Zippo lighter.
  6. Later you can give silver Cigarette case.
  7. You can give Gents white Gold Cartier chain.
  8. You can add expensive designer T-shirt or shirts.
  9. You can add to your list Mb phone with latest model.

To support your gift you can add greeting cards, chocolates, cakes. (If you give one small bunch of rose flower with every gift that will really give good effect on your gift)

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

On the other hand men can provide the same things to his girl friend. If your partner is from rich family then you should always try to maintain the standard which is equal to there level. But don’t try to show how rich you are. Only proceed further where you think you can handle gift expense. If you can’t effort to get all this gifts, try getting same things instead of designer stuff. Always try to be in your limit. Be sure it doesn’t pinch your pocket. But still I would like to provide you with the list which can help you to imagine the gift & plan your future days of valentine. Here are some valentine's day gifts for her which includes as follows:
giftjwellery1ringvalentine link

  1. Guys can give diamond earring or related diamond jewelry on 1st day of< valentine's day. From next day you can proceed with this gift items.
  2. Handicraft bags ,purse,small carry bag,jewelry box.
  3. Silver photo frame.
  4. Astrological stone.
  5. You can open a joint account for your girl friend and provide her with ATM card.

Gifts what are mentioned above are expensive type. But here is an other list of gift which is commonly given and affordable.

    Valentine gift
  1. Flower bouquet.
  2. Perfumes attached with greeting card.
  3. Heart shaped cushion.
  4. Music CD with romantic songs.
  5. Books, Novels with romantic stories.
  6. Soft teddy bear.
  7. You can give Mug with personalize romantic message.
  8. You can also add cake & chocolates to your list.

Unique Ways of Valentine's Day Celebration - Five Days Celebration

Firstly if you are staying with your parents then share your idea of celebrating this valentine. If possible do mention about the girl friend to them Valentinewhich can be a very good support to you to proceed further without any hassles. Mostly who ever has planned this valentine never faced any sort of problem in proceeding forward. Make a small group of forty three or pairs and plan out a small vacation of seven days with your girl friend. Of course have to take girls parents permission & parents do agree to send there daughter with brother for this small vacation. You can choose the proper romantic place to celebrate valentine day like Jammu Kashmir, Srinagar, Kulu Manali or any of the hill stations. Once you’re successful in getting permission for this vacation then you can plan out each day with different activity. it has been noticed that only two people out of 100 manage to celebrate the seven day valentine on hill station.

If you can’t manage for hill station due to work load in your job or due to some other personal problem then here is back up plan for 7 days. But this plan is for single pair. This plan is also full of activity which I’m sure you will never forget in your life time, there is the reason which will make you remember this valentine day.

Let me explain you what you have to do 10 days before the valentine day. You just have to get your girlfriend in your home and introduce her to your parents. so that even your parents know her. In mean time you should introduce yourself to girl parents also try to introduce your parents so that they know you & your family well.

Celebrating Valentine's Day in Mumbai - First Day

On the first day of valentine day you have to keep one goal in front of you. For example, you and your girl friend can go to temple to take the blessings. But be sure that temple is about 80 to 100 kms away. In this way you can have a long drive and you get enough time for both of you to be together. Or if you want more crazy stuff to remember then you can both have long drive of 100 km from Mumbai to Lonavala to have Vada Pav. That’s our Indian burger. It’s nice thing to remember. While returning back home you can stop at khandala dukes retreat or sit at tiger valley and give your first gift to your girl friend. Be sure to give rose flower with the gift. Then safely reach home, drop your girl friend to her house. If possible say hi to her parents.

Celebrate your Valentine's Day Watch Movie/Go for Shopping - Second Day

On second day you can book the movie tickets and watch the movie in good cinema hall. Try to be less active which will help you to get rid of all tiredness of last day traveling. After the movie you can just go do small shopping. Basic idea here is to spend more time with your girl friend and try catch her behavior. While returning home you can give her the gift what you had already prepared for her. Yes of course with the rose flower.

Valentine's Day Party With Friends - Third Day

Now from the third day all the rocking of valentine starts. Call all your friends to your home introduce your girl friend to them have small party. In the party you have to give lot of attention to your girl friend so that she doesn’t feel left over. Mostly it has been seen that girls feel very lonely in this party as his boy friend is too busy with his friends. So you have to be sure that you are with your girl friend. You have to pay equal attention to your friends with whom you have invited. Avoid drinking in the party because it has been experienced most of the time that some body after drinking becomes the black spot and spoils the whole pleasure and charm of party. You can crack jokes with your friends. You can refresh old memories if your childhood friends are present. Have a good dinner with your friends in night you can drop your girl friend to her house. Don’t forget to give her Valentine gift with the rose.

Valentine's Day Celebration at Restaurants - Fourth Day

Valentine Couple Party On fourth day you have to choose a good restaurant book the table for dinner.You have to take your girl friend to dinner and have some good conversation about your parents. Try to have candle light dinner and have good conversation with your girl friend about your family. Also ask your girl friend to tell more about her family and give full attention to what she says. Her conversation may help you further to make future decision. Also try to understand what her problems are. I’m pretty much sure you must be having 10% idea how your girl friend nature and behavior is. After the dinner you can proceed further and give her your fourth gift.

V day of Valentine- Propose Her - Fifth Day Celebration

In Rome old generation people call this day as Victory day of valentine. In Roman V stands for five and it also stand for victory. In olden days fifth valentine heartsday was known as last day of valentine day. Well on this good day you ask your girl friend to come to your home for lunch and spend little time with your family members. If you get chance to be alone then have nice conversation with her about the future plan. Today you have to plant the seed in your girl friend mind about the commitment. This will also give good punch to your girl friend mind and it will also indicate how serious you are with this relation. you can ask your girl friend to say something about your relation with her. Have very cool conversation. Never try to be bossy take each and every minute very calmly. After the lunch plan out your evening in nice disco where you can have little blast. If your girl friend is not comfortable then you can take her for ride. Try to do as your girlfriend says on other hand ladies should avoid being bossy. Well your fifth day of valentine ends with little expensive gift with proper flower bouquet.

Hold Your Valentine's Day Memories Forever

This way you can plan out your five days of valentine. Don’t forget to remove photoset each day and save it in your album. As day’s turns into months and months turn into year, these photos will always remind your fabulous valentine day celebration. If you are not married to same girl friend then better destroy the pictures and keep the memories in your mind only. Because it has been seen and experienced past history do spoil the relation of married people.

Reasons and Benefits of Five Days Celebration of Valentine Day

As I have written earlier that you will experience something, here is the important thing what you will experience from next day. Very soon you will miss your girl friend more than before. As you have spent five days together, this has formed a good bondage between you and your girl friend. This very soon goes to be a knot of marriage. In European countries there are few families who celebrate valentine's day religiously. People who celebrate five or seven days of valentine are still together with there kids and leading a happy and peaceful life. If you believe you can say its miracle or its just an coincidence. That’s the power of valentine day.


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