Zubeida Begum First Indian Actress Biography

Here is the Complete biography of Zubeida Begum, the First Indian Actress in a Talkie Cinema.

Zubeida Begum Dhanrajgir, First Indian Talkie Actress in Alam Ara

Zubeida Begum Dhanrajgir, the First Indian Talkie Actress in the film Alam Ara, was one of the earliest superstars of the Indian film industry. She stepped into the realms of cinema at a time when acting was not considered a very revered profession for women, let alone the royal background. It has been 80 years since Hindi cinema has started with sound recording & today we know our cinema as Bollywood. But 70 years ago people use to call it as bioscope, Zubaida Begam Dhanrajgir First Hindi Actress Photo cinema or picture. Now we call Hindi film as movies. In today's world every person tries to catch the news of latest Actors & Actress. In today's magazines or news paper tabloid you will find lot of gossip of latest actors &actress like Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra, Bipasha Basu, Tanushree Dutta, Amisha Patel &many new comers. This all actors are of today's age. As time will pass, hardly any one will remember them.
There are still some people alive who have been asked to stay separately by there owns because of there age factor and medical expense issues.
There are more than 10,000 senior citizens, who are very unhappy of being away from there family and staying in ashrams. My this article are for those senior citizen Who are waiting to read some sizzling article & will help them to recollect there old memories. There is no harm if you give little happiness to Senior Citizens. Here I have given a Zubeida Begam first Indian actress biography or Zubaida Begum classic Hindi actress wiki.

Zubeida Begum First Indian Actress Biography Wiki

Zubeida Begum Dhanrajgir was the first Talkie Actress of India and was born in Surat & she was daughter of Respected Nawab Dhanrajgir Family.
Zubaida was very beautiful and she was the favorite daughter of Nawab Sachin Dhanrajgir. Though she was cranky in her childhood days but soon she copied all her father behavior and developed her own personality like her father. In house her name was as chote Nawab. As she was beautiful like her sisters, she behaved like princess. Later Zubeida was inspired by her mother Fathima Begum.
Fathima Begum was an Actress in silent movies. This was before introduction of sound technique in film industry. Fathima Begum was first woman director of film industry.

Zubaida had 2 more sisters Sultana Begum and Shehzadi Begum. All three sisters were good looking and joined film industry, following the foot print of there mother. Lot of offers came to 3 sisters in starting but Nawab Sachin Dhangrajgir has refused all the offers. As in those days girls acting in movies were not appreciated by respected families. But in last Prithviraj Kapoors and director Ardeshir Irani convinced the Nawab Sachin to allow Zubeida Begum to act in silent movies later Zubaida Begum became the actress in 1st Indian Movie with sound track. Hence Zubeida Begum Dhanrajgir was the first Talkie Actress of India & she was one of the First actresses to act in 1st Hindi movie with sound track.

Alam Ara was the first Indian talkie movie with sound track & it was released in Majestic Cinema in Mumbai on 14 March 1931.

Zubaida Begum Indian Classic Movie Actress Film Career Profile

Zubeida Begum First Indian Film Actress Picture The Zubeida Begam first Indian actress film career began at the age of 12, she signed "Kohinoor". She made her debut in this picture. Later both her sisters joined film industry and they were ruling the film industry for 20 years. By 1925 Zubaida had signed 9 movies &they were released.out which people still remember Devidas, Desh ka Dushman and Kala Chor. These 3 movies were hit which added more stars to Zubaida acting. Later Zubaida & her sister worked together in few movies, out which "Kalyan Khajina" was hit movie. Baburao Krishnarao Mistry had given big guidance in Kalyan Khajinah. Due to which in year 1919, this movie had won Wembley Exhibition in London. Later Baburao Mistry got another debut in film "Sinhagad".

Later Fathima Begum & her both daughter ruled the film industry. They worked in block buster "Veer Abhimanyu". In 1927 more movies were made by Fathima Begum. They all took the opportunity to act in leading roles.

Laila Majnu
Nanad Bhojai
Balidaan (Super hit)

Balidaan was 1st Indian movie which was sent to Europe for screening.
The Cinematograph Committee Association praised & appreciated the story of Balidaan. The story of Balidaan was based on sacrifice of animals in temples in Bengal. Story of Balidaan was originally written by Tagore. European Members recommended taking this movie in European countries.

Leading role in Balidaan were done by-

Zubeida Begum.
Master vithal.
Jal khambatta.

In 1930 and 1940 Zubaida Begum gave many hit films. She kept adding stars to her acting. By 1935 Zubaida become hot actress in Hindi film Industry. She kept herself positive in acting regardless of negative gossips of her &few directors.
She added more fame to her acting after release of "Subhada, Uttara & Draupadi".
Worst period of her life was when her negative gossip had started which forced her to give away few films to other actress. Later in 1934 Zubeida gave more super Hit in " Mahalakhsmi", followed by "Gul-E-Sonabar and Rasik-E-Laila".
Zubaida acted in movies till 1950 and her last movie was "Nirdosh Abla". In which she resembled helpless lady with lot of problems. Later many offers came to her but she had refused sign any more movies. Zubaida Begum got married to Dhanrajgir Gyan Bahadur. He was one of the Maharajas of Hyderabad. She was converted to Hindu after she got married. She survived by her son Humayun Dhanrajgir and grand children karen, Nikhil Dhanrajgir. While grand daughter was married in south Indian family - Rhea Pillai.

Later on many new actresses started visiting her to take acting tips. In 1945 Suraiya was leading actress who took lot tips from Zubaida Begum. Later on Meena kumari, Madhu Bala, Nargis, Wahida Rahman visited her to take the important tips where it was needed. As time passed new actress took place of Zubaida Begum. She spent her last years in dhanraj mahal palace in Mumbai. Zubaida whole life story was full of activeness and high confidence. In year 1988 Zubaida Begugam took her last breath & whole film industry was collected to give there attendance on her funeral. Now young generation is not aware of old film actress but there are still people, all around the world who sing songs of Laila Majnu or Alam Ara and remember Zubeida Begum.

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