Benefits of neem tree (part2)




As I have written about the chemicals, chemical compound & acid present in Neem tree in part 1.
In this article I would like to share basic knowledge & basic benefits of Neem tree.
Neem is one of the rare plants which releases maximum amount of Oxgen.
According to the Hindu religion Neem tree, Banyan tree, Pepal tree are known as holly trees.
In Vishnu Puran & Shiv Puran some of the scripts do mention importance of Bel tree & Neem tree.
According to the old Purans, Neem tree is 3rd important tree after Coconut & Mango tree in Hindu religion.
In Ayurveda Neem tree is called as "Sarva Roga Nivarini" and hence it is called as Arishta.
In April 2008 Baba Ram Devji & Achariya Bal Krishnaji have published 1 book with name " AYURVED JADI BUTI RAHSIYA".
IN this book remidies by Neem on 63 diseases are provided. The great Muslim scholar Ali Gilani called Neem tree as blessed tree

The medical values of the Neem tree is now coming under microscope of western Doctors.
The American National Research Council has declared Neem tree as most promising plant of all plants with its extreme medical values, which can be used for human kind in treating various deadly disease.
In fact in Ayurveda, Neem tree has been used from last 3000 yrs to cure people sickness. In some of the script of old Ayurveda books, Neem tree is called as sister of Sanjivani booty.
According to Ayurveda all diseases are divided into 3 sub parts.
a) Pitta.
B) Kapha.
c) Vatic.
As Neem tree contains most of the important chemical compounds, so it is used in healing diseases related to kaph, pitta & vatic. There is hardly few type of sickness where Neem doesn't help. More or less Neem is used widely in all diseases.

Parts of Neem used.

Neem whole tree is used in making medicines.

Seeds, leaf, bark, fruit, twig are widely used in making medicines.

Benefits of Neem leaf:-

70% Neem leaf powder is used in treating sickness. Leaves are washed &dried very properly in shade to avoid evaporating the important chemicals present in leaf.
On other side Neem leaf juice is also widely used for skin infection, ulcer on skin, eye problems, eye infection anorexia, extract of Neem juice is also used to clear the ring worms &other worms from intestine. Neem powder helps in clearing the toxin & helps lungs to absorb more oxygen.

Diabetes: - In diabetes 90%of the ayurvedic medicine has content of Neem powder. It helps on reducing the sugar level to great extent. Some of the Ayurvedic Doctors do claim with the proof that Neem can generate new beta cells in Pancreas which releases insulin. But American Doctors have refused to count on this achievement. Neem leaf powder is used in both type 1 & type 2 diabetes.

Toxin free agent: - please read my article on Toxin free.
Neem leaf does the very good work of purifying the blood. It also helps in clearing toxin from kidney &lever. Due to clearing of toxin it has been seen oxygen level increases in brain & reduces the chances of having headache.

Benefit of bark:-
Bark powder is used with other herbs to reduce sugar level in blood.
It cures fever when taken in proper interval of timing.
It also helps in curing lot of disease related to impurity of blood.
It has been experienced Neem bark & Neem leaf powder helps in reducing arthritis depending on the immune system.

There are many uses of Neem flower according to the ayurveda.
They can be consumed fresh or they are dried in shade &then powdered
Neem flower is very beneficial in clearing the worms from intestine.
It is also used for bile suppression. It is also use to clear the cough& mucus from chest & lungs which helps person to breathe properly.

Neem fruit is used for diabetes, wounds, leprosy, eye problems, eye infection, piles, urine infection, and urinary disorder.
Neem fruit is also combined with other herbs & used in many other diseases.

Branches (twigs):-
In this progressive world we can yet see people in villages making use of Neem twigs as tooth brush. Mostly in north Indian villages we can see people making use of twigs to brush there teeth which is called as Datoon.
For more benefits, these twigs are crushed &boiled in water for long period. This water is used in reducing asthma as it helps in clearing toxin from lungs, piles are also reduced, it is also reduces the infection in intestine.

Oil is obtained from the seeds.
Seeds help in treating many sicknesses like leprosy, intestine worms, and diabetes. It is commonly used if Neem leaf powder is not available.

Very rarely Neem roots are used in medication. When Neem plant are dried or destroyed on there own then roots of Neem tree is collected by digging the sand &upper layer of earth crust.
Neem Roots has medicinal value like other parts of Neem tree.
Recently experiments were started on patients suffering with Parkinson. Results yet not known. Neem roots have simlar medicinal value of bitter leaf which is available in Nigeria. Neem roots are used in same manner by making powder or boiling it in water.

Neem oil:-

Neem oil is obtained from the seeds of Neem. Further it is purified.
Very rarely neem oil is used in cooking. But Neem oil is use in ayiurveda for many diseases.
Neem oil is widely used to cure various skin diseases like Eczema, Psoriasis, pimples, boils, Wounds and various other skin diseases. Neem oil is also used in improving growth of hair. Neem oil is also used to treat intestine worms.

Basically whole plant is used in making medicine. All parts of Neem tree is bitter in taste due to which it is also used in stock of seeds, pulses, wheat ,rice and other food stock to keep insects away.

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