Benefits of vitamin D

natural sources of Vitamin D & role of vitamin D in human body.


Every person in his life has been advised by doctor to have vitamin tablets.
In this world of new generation, it has been widely experienced & observed people facing deficiency of vitamin D.
Deficiency of vitamin D has been growing every year in Indian population.
70 % of them are seen in rich family's kids &elders. As they stay whole day in AC rooms & avoid going in Sun heat. Such people avoid going in sun to avoid getting dark complexion.
While in European countries people do tan there skin because Doctors do advice them to take sun rays to reduce the deficiency of Vitamin D.

Let me explain you basics of vitamin D.

Q1) what is vitamin D?
Soluble vitamin in form of fat is vitamin D. Further Vitamin D is divided
in 2 sub division.


Q2) what is natural source of Vitamin D & how human body produces Vitamin D?
Ultraviolet rays of sun are the natural source of Vitamin D.
In human body 85% of vitamin D is produced in inner layer of skin in form
of vitamin d2 & vitamin d3.
There is other source also where you can provide yourself with vitamin D.

Q3) what are the benefits of vitamin D?
Benefits of vitamin D are as follows:-
a) It helps in growing & maintains the hardness of bone.
It plays major role in kids to develop vertebrae &joints.
Deficiency of vitamin D makes bones brittle &weak.

b) Vitamin D2 &D3 fights against cancer cell.

c) Vitamin D helps nerves to function with muscle movement.

d) Calcium & phosphate circulates in blood with help of vitamin D2 & D3.

e) It helps healing the injury with help of other vitamin. It also reduces
gene action & inflammation.

f) Major role of Vitamin D is to fight against foreign particle inside our
body like virus &bacteria. It also avoids growing fungus on skin.

g) It also fights against Heart disease &blood vessel.

Q4) what are the other sources of Vitamin D?
Now days you can find many sources of vitamin D. Artificial UV rays are
provided in Hospitals &gyms.
You can also find Vitamin D in tablet form or in form of tonic.

Food item which got vitamin D are as follows:-
Milk products like-
Fortified yogurt,
There are many spices of fish which contains vitamin D. like tuna fish.
Many birds egg (egg yolk) contains vitamin D.
Many vegetable contain Vitamin D like, Mushroom, Spinach and Broccoli.

I hope this article must have explained you the importance of Sun & it rays.

Thank you



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