Precaution on home made medicines

Take proper advice to make home made medicine for diabetes.


Many times it has been observed people try to make medicines in home to reduce there blood sugar.

But as time passes they find that they have developed new problem inside their body.

Having no solution found, they keep changing doctors.
Sometimes they put black spot on DOCTORS experience.
Some times they keep cribbing &complaining against particular Doctor.

Trust me no doctor want there patient to be more sick, unhappy leave him &go to other doctor for treatment.

Do you have any Idea what goes wrong in diabetic patients?

Why Diabetic people don't see the change in there sugar score.

Well here is an answer.

Human body is made of very delicate organs. People think they can manage to control there sugar level by them self. Due to the over confidence, they start making medicine in there home.

They take incomplete information from media or collect few tips from some cheap books.

They get vegetables like –

Bitter gourd, leaves of Neem, Bel, Mango, Gurmar, Paneer fal, Tulsi leaves, Turmeric, Fennu greek seeds, Garlic, some more herbs from herbal shop.

After getting everything they prepare medicine in home & start consuming home made remedy.

Exactly after 25 or more days of consuming home made remedy they see the bad side effect.

They start complaining of side effect like constipation, burning of chest, rashes on skin, excess sweating, extra hair fall, pain in feet, Acidity. Drowsiness, Stomach pain, Endocrine disorder, deficiency of gonadotrophis, imbalance of hormones, pain in joints, I have also seen problem starting in thyroid related to Calcitonin fluid. Also deficiency in folic acid, fall of hemoglobin,

While ladies start complaining of hair fall, rashes on skin, white discharge, increase of breast size, bloating of stomach, late periods, blood clots seen in period instead of clear flow, head heaviness, effect on Erythropoietin hormone released by kidney to promote development of stem cell, effect on Oestrogen & Peogesterone hormone secreted by ovaries which effects the fertility.

Most common side effect seen in both male & female are related to lungs.

People who are suffering BRONCHITIS, for small period they get benefited.
But as they increase the quantity of home made medicine, whole immune system goes hay wire.
Later instead of getting better they start having trouble in breathing.

I have come across so many people who are negative on herbal medicines because of there own fault.

Let me give me few tips where people go wrong in herbal medicine.

1) There are more than 40 herbs in INDIA which can help reducing blood sugar.
You have to be sure which herb will suit person metabolism.
You should have knowledge of chemical compound present in herbs &tree leaves.

Mostly common 3 things people have is,

a) Neem leaves,
b) Bitter Gourd juice
c) Fenugreek seed.

a) Neem leaf-

No doubt Neem leaf is very good & it is widely used all over India for
diabetes.But very imortant thing people don't realize, Neem leaf only help in
controlling blood sugar.
It doesn't help pancreas to generate new beta cells in pancreas.
Yes Neem helps in clearing the toxin. Read my article how to clear toxin.
Always use leaves of such tree which is 60 year old.

b) Bitter gourd –

Now day's bitter gourd is available in market which are 12 inch to 16
inch long & almost 2 inch in diameter.It's very tempting to buy such bitter
gourd because it has good juice in it.
Never buy such bitter gourd because they are grown with help of heavy
chemicals in form of urea.
By having such bitter gourd juice most of the problem starts instead of
reducing sugar.Always try to get 6 inch to 8 inch bitter gourd.
Always try to find particular vegetable seller whose all Bitter gourd are in
small size.

c) Fennu greek seeds-

Fennu greek seeds also called as Methi dana. Every one is aware of Methi
dana seeds & it uses.Fennu greek seeds only help in reducing sugar level
for small period but long use of this seeds does gives side effect.

2)Have complete knowledge of your body by checking your skin, stool, nails.
If you have skin diseases, avoid garlic & few other strong herbs.
If you have loose stool then avoid having herb like Trifala.
If your nails are brittle &thin then avoid herb related to roots.
Not all root herbs are harmfull.

3)Have proper means of measurement, to measure the quantity of herbs.
Never use common spoon to measure the powder.
Always use proper measuring spoon or weight machine to measure home made

4)Always follow proper timing of consuming herb. Follow proper diet as advised
by doctors.

5)Never mix all herbs together & keep it in 1 jar. Always make different jar
for each herb.

6)When you have kept bitter gourd to dry, be sure it doesn't get fungus.
If your medicines don't dry in 1 day then keep the herbs in fridge to avoid
forming of fungus.

7)Never stop Doctors medication & replace them with herbal medicines.
By stopping doctor medication instantly & replacing it with herbs is very
dangerous for Kidney & Heart.

As I mentioned earlier, avoid blaming doctors if you are not recovering from sickness.

Never mind its Ayurvedic or Allopathic or Homeopathy doctor.
Every person can't become doctor. Pls be positive towards all doctors.
Because they have put lot of efforts to learn & they have gone through all
difficulties to learn how to cure sick people.

So pls respect all doctors who save many lives daily.


Sb sidh


Author: Shelly10 Mar 2011 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

Very good article and specially good for people who try to treat themself on their own with no prior knowledge. Got a question:
If Neem doesn't help pancreas to generate new beta cells in pancreas then what does?

Author: sb sidh11 Mar 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Shelly ji hi,

It’s very difficult to say which herb will suit person to regenerate new beta cells.
It totally depends on person immune system and metabolism. After doing proper study, it is learned where pancreas is lagging to develop new beta cells. But yes, sugar score can be reduced in particular period of time. Slowly beta cells are generated.
Sometimes it’s very easy but most of the time it needs lot of effort to learn the symptoms inside the body. This is done by studying different reading of sugar score and color of urine & stool.
Its very long process, so it’s very difficult to explain this in writing.
Pls be free to mail me any time or you can check this site in google
(Natural Home remedies for Diabetes and comments)
You will find long list of herbs in different blog.

Very Important:- I'm not doctor so pls consult proper doctor before starting herbal medication.

sb sidh

Author: raj singh09 Feb 2012 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

Mr sb sidh,
I heard lot about you is there is way if you can send me your email address i need to talk to you about my email address is forward to hear from you.
Thank you.

Rajinder singh

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