TO create awareness of ayurveda & its benefits.

I'm very new to this blog,but I want to say thanks to people of this site who have put lot of efforts in making this MUMBAI SPIDER.COM.
Well I have been helping people to reduce blood sugar &last year I learned that I have bcom proffessional in reducing blood sugar with common tree leaves.people have been approaching me from different countries asking me to help them in reducing blood sugar.I just want to share my good experience with you all & want to share knowledge of few things which grow around us.
oOfcourse I'm talking about trees.Do you know with help of leaves of 4 different plants,You can change people life.
Yes thats true.
Its just 4 different leaves which changes life of diabetic person.
I have few clients who were taking insulin for last 10 to 15 years.They were spending 1600 US$ monthly on tablets,insulin & Doctors fees.But since they started with ayurvedic easy home remedy, they had to remove tears from there eyes.Because it was 1st time in last 10 yrs they saw there sugar level going low, without taking insulin.tears of happyness.
Nature has solution for every sickness,but we have to put effort to learn more about nature.Basically I am not an Doctor but after putting little efforts &reading more about trees, I learned many things about presence of chemical combination in leaves.You will be surprise to learn each person pancreas story is ddifferrent than other.It is same way like 2 hand finger print are not same.
Most important thing what I learned is this tablets,insulin only help in controlling sugar level.I have never come across any person who got cured fully & STOPPED THE TABLET MEDICATION.Infact I have seen people increasing the dose of tablets as time passes & In last IT ENDS TO INSULIN.
But its not the same case with Ayurveda MEDICINE.I have seen my clients getting healthy & stopped the tablets.while people who are on insulin they have reduced the units of insulin.what does this indicate ?
it only indicate this-- human body is capable to solve all health problem if natural things are provided.It also depend on person attitude.Person should beleive that his sugar will reduce with provided herbal medicine & attitude should be same as person takes tablet to reduce headache.Before we take any medicine our mind plays very important role in healing the sickness.
diabetes can be treated with tree leaves &help person in controling the sugar till new beta cells are not generated to release insulin.
thank you


Author: Sowmya Sriram03 Jan 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Such an informative and great post on Information on Diabetes. You are right, I also have seen people who takes insulin but it just keep sugar on control for time being only. Really its nice to know about nature cure for diabetes and we would be happy to know more information regarding this one. What are all the natural treatments for Diabetes we can go for like that. Hope to see many articles from you regarding this.


Author: sb sidh04 Jan 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Sowmya hi,
Honestly I just saw your comment now on my diabetes

article.As I said you earlier I get lost in this small windows,

again same problem arises.I don't know where to find my own

article.Just feel like laughing.Any way I'm also facing problem

in posting comments.when ever I type the comment &click on

submit it shows error in web.don't know if my computer got

problem or its internet.Recently I have posted 1 more


But why points are given on each article.I got only 1 point.when

ever I see the points I go back to my school days where teacher

use to give marks.But its awesome to post articles here.

thank you
dinesh mehta.

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