Movie Review: Once upon a time in Mumbai

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Ajay Devgan as Sultan Mirza, the real mean don of the Mumbai, as while smuggling he did not hurt anyone.

Ajay Devgan in Once Upon a time in Mumbai

Imran Hashmi as Shoaib Khan, once again with a power back performance Emran made it. He was a local thief in the Mumbai who makes his way to the crime world.

Emran Hashmi in Once Upon a time in Mumbai

Kangna Ranaut as Rihanna, she acted as a actress in the movie who searching for a dream man in his life and finally finds him as a Sultan Mirza.

Kangna Ranaut in Once Upon a time in Mumbai

Prachi Desai as Mumtaz, is just a supporting actress to the Emran Hashmi in the movie who works in a jewellery's shop and she loves to Shoaib.

Prachi Desai in Once Upon a time in Mumbai

Before I write my review on this movie, I must say that this film is very 'filmy'. Each and everything is over in this movie-over acted, overwritten but also having a great fun itself. Movie has the power to make you sitting even in the interval.


Movie starts with an orphan child came in Mumbai. in a flood sitting in a trug, and starts working in Cole factory and getting Rs. 0.25 per day. He is passionate about doing anything and wants see to be in his arms, by a little start he became a smuggler but never did something wrong to the public, whatever he does keeping in mind that nobody is being harmed and then he is known as Sultan Mirza.
Rihanna is a famous movie actress and Sultan is a big fan of her. Some powerful dialogues also has been written in the movie that leaves an impression on you to keep it on your mouth as Sultan Mirza's signature dialogue was 'Jab dost bana ke kaam ho sakta hai toh dushman kyun banana.'
Sultan Mirza leaves in heart of Mumbai he ever keep doing some thing in favor of other peoples. Sultan Mirza is the king of Mumbai because of this good jobs whether he is a smuggler he didn't harmed anyone however there is one who want to be the king of Mumbai anyhow, Shoaib Khan makes an entry while stealing the money from a telephone booth at railway station and got caught by a station master. His father is a honest police office even he keep stealing the whole city. He has aim to become a don in Mumbai.
After being teased a lot by Shoaid, his father decides to contact Sultan Mirza to give him any job, whether Shoaib starts doing the job but he has the will to be on the top to which his dialogue clarifies-'duniya raakh ki tarah neeche hogi aur khud dhuye ki tarah upar', one of the solid line in the movie.

At the same time in Mumbai there is a inspector Agnel Wilson for arresting Sultan Mirza and seeking the clue against Sultan. Sultan Mirza is falling slowly in love with Rihanaa and goes to meet at film set and gifted a Guava to her worth Rs. 400/- and his saying on this that 'koi mehenga gift nahin mila toh saste ko mehenga bana kar kharid laya'. Rihanaa is quite impressed with his doing and Sultan offers her for dinner and their love story begin, in the same way Shoaib is also falled in love with Mumtaz a locale in Mumbai.
Then the fight begins to be the no. 1 in Mumbai, after a lot of request Sultan give the permission to Shoaib to work with him and after a few mins Sultan comes to know that Rinhaan has a hole in her heart and she can't live more than a year.

Then, Sultan thinks to leave smuggling and want to spend most of his time with Rihanna, between this he want to leave smugling and enter in politics. He goes to Delhi giving all the power and permission to run his all black jobs on Shoaib but he started doing it in his own way making poisonous wine, killing people etc., he wants to become a famous don.
When Sultan comes back with a ticket to be a politician looks at Shoaib work and immediately goes to meet him and slapped him and that was the turning point in the movie. Shoaib was mean minded and could not tolerate with the insult of being slapped, an enemy of Sultan Mirza takes advantage of this and gives the offer to Shoaib to kill Sultan Mirza.

On the day of rally of Sultan Mirza, Shoaib plans to kill him by sending few mans but they didn't get success and finally Shoaib shots him and became the don of Mumbai.

In whole movie, you will see the gun battles, heavy dialogues and aptitude of over acted actors.

Songs are good and there is nothing wrong in watching this movie for a once. You will like the way movie is presented the movie is a story of 1970s, old dresses, hair styles etc.
I will give 3.5/5 star to this movie.

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