Belching is a common problem but do not take it for granted that it happens due to overeating.


It is a general belief amongst us that belching is due to overeating. But this is not the fact.

When you swallow too much of air, gases in the stomach are forced back up the esophagus and out of the mouth. The result is – burp. It is quite normal and common behavior. Even excessive belching may not be due to an abnormality.

Some air is unavoidably swallowed as you eat and drink. But when you are anxious or you eat too quickly, chew gum , smoke or drink, carbonated beverages – especially when you drink them with a straw, the quantity of air exceeds than the average amount.

However, belching is not always a problem of aerodynamics. Excess belching ca be attributed to such digestive upsets as indigestion or an ulcer.

If swallowing too much air is the cause of your belching (chances are always, it is) a few changes in some of your personal habits will help alleviate the problem. Experts recommend the following tips, all of which will help you take in less air.

Keep the following tips in mind to avoid belching:

1.Always eat slowly and if you are the fidgety type, stay calm and relaxed at mealtimes.

2.Chew your food completely – with your mouth closed – before swallowing.

3. Avoid chewing gum, carbonated beverages as they contain air or gas. Also avoid drinking through straw from bottles and cans.

4. Do not smoke before eating or between courses.

5. Avoid food with a high air content. These include but are not limited to, beer, ice cream, souffles, whipped cream and omelets.

To help alleviate a problem that already exists, digestive disease experts recommend over-the-counter antacids containing simethicone as Mylanta II, Maalox and Di-gel, which act by breaking up the "big bubbles" in your stomach.


If fatty food seem to make you belch, and you feel pain in your upper right abdomen, you could have gallbladder trouble.

If your belching is more severe when you are lying down or bending over, and also you are experiencing flatulence, you could have a hiatal hernia.

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I'm surprised no 1 commented anything on such wonderful article for so long.

You have written article on very important subject on heath.

Every 15 days, 1 person visits me with this problem.

But I don’t have the right solution for this.

There is a disease also which is related to burping & proper antibiotic are used to clear this problem.

But from your article I learned little bit more which will help me in future.

I know common tips can help in solving most of such cases.

All the cases are not severe disease.

Thank you


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