To Be Or Not to Be A Mumbaikar

India's major metros are becoming target of political rivalry , and common people are provoked to fight against each other in the name of ethnic identity .Shall we forget that we are Indians first ?

It has been a big dilema in modern India ,where people are not being able to assure their own identity as Indians .The hamletian dilema is whether to introduce oneself with their own ethnic identity or as Indian . People from all over the country including our business capital Mumbai are suddenly becoming more and more conscious about their own ethnic space . Be it Assam , be it West Bengal or be it Andhra people are showing that they are ready to forget what a federal Repuplic means , and how our predecessors tried hard to make us understand that ‘united we can fight anything or everything‘.

At this point of time when we Indians are losing our credibility very fast should we fight among ourselves .We Indians are becoming the target of racial attack , we are detained for non-issues for long hours in foreign airports . And we shout unanimously at such cases to register our protest . But back home we remain same . We claim separate states , and demand the same capital . HOW COULD WE FORGET THAT A DEVELOPING COUNTRY HAS NO RIGHT TO WASTE THEIR RESOURCES WHILE FIGHTING AGAINST EACH OTHER . WE NEED TO THINK OF HOW CAN WE SAVE OUR RESOURCES .

In Kolkata where I stay I have noticed buses , public transports are set ablaze in slightest provocation . There are more issues than people here . Each time you walk out of home you will face a road block and standstill traffic over an issue . There is no value of your time . (Thankfully Kolkata people still warmly welcome outsiders )

Coming back to the point why each and every ethnic community are now becoming more conscious of their ethnic identity . When the world is becoming a global village ( actually a global room). People are shifting base to metros like Mumbai , Delhi or other metros that promise to offer better civic amenities .Once they go to one city for job requirement mostly they want to buy an accommodation and to avail better education , better amenities for children want to settle down . There should not be any problem . But that is not happening . Suddenly strict criteria are set for job seekers that that should belong that place . This is not happening only in Mumbai , this is happening in smaller parts of the country too , where a person from one district is outsider in another district of the same state .

If there is no meaning to the fundamental rights that Indian Constitution Has bestowed on us there will not be any end to our problems . And that is what happening exactly . The world is watching us and ready to take a chance upon us .

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