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srishti kundu29 Jan 2014Silver20941
Angelina29 Jan 2014Silver21233
Rheea Razdan04 Sep 2013Silver11045
Sahil Matlani04 Sep 2013Silver11854
Minu Sali17 Jun 2013Silver32524
Gopal24 May 2013Silver11950
Jeets06 Sep 2012Silver10767
Ishan Varun28 Jun 2012Silver17939
Sibtain11 Jun 2011Silver12730
kunal m patel31 Mar 2011Silver12340
K Mohan04 Feb 2011Silver23817
Sagar19 Jan 2011Silver510
nagalakshmi06 Jan 2011Silver51102
Ravi04 Jan 2011Silver6755
sachin24 Dec 2010Silver6170
Ninad 19 Nov 2010Silver15344
Biju Cherian Manalethu17 Nov 2010Silver500
Vijay Padhy13 Nov 2010Silver5565
Sudhakar R31 Oct 2010Silver13926
Nirlipta Pathy31 Oct 2010Silver30138
Satish12 Sep 2010Silver51108
Dhananjoy Chakraborty06 Sep 2010Silver19534
Sashwato Chatterjee03 Sep 2010Silver22415
Nayan26 Aug 2010Silver15335
Nidhi21 Aug 2010Silver48212

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