Aamchi Mumbai: Nightlife, Marathi Films, Hindi TV serials, Reality Shows & Cricket

With Bollywood movies, Hindi TV serials, Marathi films, and reality TV shows, India’s love for entertainment comes alive in Mumbai. Nightlife here is the country’s best, with exclusive bars and pubs all around. Taking part in Hindi TV serials, Marathi films or reality TV shows is a dream for every budding actor and actress in India, and the history of the city witnessed a lot of young people looking for Mumbai recruitments to support them initially and find their foothold in the Bollywood movies in Mumbai. Cricket is yet another synonym for the city. Mumbai cricket is not just a sport, it is a religion! If you have not watched or played cricket in Shivaji Park, you probably do not deserve to be a part of the city.

Explore this website to find out the vivid colours of Mumbai. Real estate, investments in the stock market of Mumbai, recruitments, healthcare in Mumbai, nightlife, education, bars and pubs, hotels in Mumbai, shopping – well, this is a virtual Mumbai travel guide for you. Mumbai real estates are best choices for investments. Check out the prices of Mumbai real estates, browse through the available Mumbai recruitments currently open, information about college and school admissions, helpline numbers, offers in Mumbai shopping plazas, upcoming reality TV shows, Hindi TV serials news, Marathi films and reviews, and of course Bollywood movies. Happy browsing!

Porn-less or Point-less? Banning porn - people take it by the horns

The whole public has gone haywire after the recent ban on porn, when people in India were not able to access porn sites as they were totally blank due to the ban. How many know the reason behind the ban, cause of it and what repercussions would it have on the general people? Every important decision must be taken with utmost care and a logical deduction of what would lead to what and whether it would have a positive result. I wonder whether there was anyone who gave any thought behind putting a ban blindly

Stray Animal Life in Mumbai - Amidst the Hustle and Bustle of the City

Just like there are a swarm of bees,flies and other insects,no one can fail to spot stray life such as Dogs and Cats in the vicinity of the streets of Mumbai.Even though there are stray animal shelters in the city of Mumbai,it seems to be clear that strays seem to outdo the work of the animal shelter officials.

Mumbai - The Struggling Life of Actors and Actresses

Mumbai being the Commercial Capital of India is also the Land of Opportunities for Struggling Actors and Actresses who wish to make it Big in the Bollywood Film Industry and try their Luck and Fortune.Many Boys and Girls from all over the Country of India come to Mumbai everyday for gaining Fame and Fortune spending a lot of Money on Rent,Portfolio Work,Food as well as their Daily Travelling Expenses. People from all Walks of Life and Backgrounds have the same common desire to make it Big in Bollywood an

Bollywood Movie Trivia: Did You Know?

Always wanted to know the most interesting stories about Bollywood but didn't know whom to ask. Don't worry. You aren't alone. Most people know about Bollywood by watching films & reading about celebrities in newspapers but there are many facts that even they don't know. When films are being produced, a lot of changes occur with respect to selection of actors, scripts & other members of the film crew. The article gives information on such interesting facts about films & film stars.

Local Food and Dine at Every Corner of Mumbai

Mumbai holds a Population of millions of people of diverse Culture and Backgrounds.In order to lower the inconvenience between tastes and preferences with regard to food dishes,restaurants in Mumbai are spread out to every nook and corner of the City.The added advantage is that people from other Cities can still refresh their taste buds with regard to their favorite native food in their respective Hometown.

Letter from Home Room Teacher to parent

The concept of home room teacher is greatly appreciated. The work of HRT is increasing day by day. Here is a sample letter to parent mentioning about the happenings in class.


Hindi TV Serials & Reality Shows: Programs you would hate to miss!

Hindi TV serials are perhaps the most watched programs on Indian TV channels. Marked by the close resemblance to life, Hindi TV serials serve as wish fulfillments for most Indians struggling hard round the year for a living. Find out more about Hindi TV serials here including reviews, profiles of actors and actresses, telecast timings and spicy gossips!

Of late, the popularity of Hindi TV serials seems to be somewhat challenged by the Hindi reality TV shows in India. Often bored of the soap operas, reality TV shows bring together entertainment and excitement, hunt for hidden talents, and helps them exhibit and grow in public. Reality shows cover a wide area of interests including stunts, music, dance, games, talk shows and what not. Popular Indian reality shows include Fear Factor Khatron ke Khiladi, Big Boss, Kaun Banega Crorepati, Dance India Dance, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and Aamir Khan’s talk show Satyameva Jayate. Check out the audition / registration details of various Hindi reality shows and their timings, and get ready for some reality show gossips and news updates.

Mumbai Nightlife: Pubs, Dance Bars, Discotheques

Want to hang out? Mumbai nightlife is the most happening thing with a bounty of pubs and night clubs. In Mumbai, beer goes buzzing with blues as the Mumbai pubs, dance bars and discotheques have them all – teens looking for dating places, Mumbai millionaires looking for some chill, and office goers having their weekend parties. In Mumbai, nightlife is as live as the music played, and there’s just no season. Whether beer prices in Mumbai are high for new year celebration in nightclubs or tickets are all blacked out for live music events in Mumbai, nightlife here won’t let you stay aloof!

Mumbai Cricket: Matches, Teams, Players Profiles and Stadiums

Mumbai Cricket team is the winning team in Ranji Trophy. Mumbai stadiums and Shivaji Park is the place where some of the famous cricket players Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Gavaskar fine tuned their cricketing career. Are you a fan of Mumbai Cricket Team, then get inspired reading on your favorite cricket players profiles and watch out for Mumbai Cricket Teams for IPL, World Cup and T20 matches in Mumbai. Catch the scores and live telecast details of upcoming matches in Mumbai.